We are pleased to announce that the DoubleEagle public beta will be officially released for the first batch of users on July 20, and it will also support eight digital assets including BTC, BNB, CAKE, DOE, USDT, ETH, DOGE, and SSC. We will optimize and upgrade based on the opinions and feedback of community users.

What is DoubleEagle?
DoubleEagle is an algorithm-based money market system that aims to introduce a complete decentralized finance-based loan system into the Binance smart chain BSC. DoubleEagle allows users to use cryptocurrency by providing collateral to the protocol. These collaterals can be borrowed by collateralizing cryptocurrencies…

This is a critical month, and we are happy to show you the Double Eagle June report, which summarizes our achievements in mid June, and we are well prepared for the launch of the project. Here are some highlights for you. Let’s take a look at the process of Double Eagle!

  1. Social media report
    The number of Twitter users has exceeded 1200, the number of Facebook public homepage has reached nearly 2000, and the number of Facebook team members has exceeded 3000. In June, we opened the telegraph group on the official website. The telegraph group is the only official community…

In the field of DeFi, “decentralized lending” acts as the hub between the various roles, connecting the fields of DEX (decentralized exchange), stable currency, lending and so on.

The expansion of DeFi is still driving the emergence of a large number of new assets, and leading to changes in users’ borrowing needs with the development of the industry. …

Core Investment Logic

The DeFi lending track where Double Eagle is located has high overall project quality and overall quality. It is also a Defi blue-chip project worthy of long-term attention. The specific investment logic is summarized as follows:

  1. In the traditional financial market, lending is a huge demand, and it is no exception in the blockchain industry. Stimulated by the demand for arbitrage, leverage, and market-making transactions, it ushered in explosive growth. The lock-up amount of loan agreements across the network has soared from US$530 million at the beginning of April last year to more than US$25 billion today. …

Hello Eaglers, from this month, we will launch a cool official monthly magazine on the 5th of every month to let you know about the platform and projects at any time.

It’s been a great month, and we’re happy to show you the Double Eagle may report, which summarizes what we’ve achieved in mid May, and we’re well prepared for the launch of the project. Here are some highlights for you. Let’s take a look at the process of Double Eagle!

Social Media Report

Thank you for your support. The major we media platforms of Double Eagle have been highly…

Dear DeFi project enthusiasts:
The pace of development of the times will never stop. Blockchain technology has become the new development direction of human beings. DeFi, as the most suitable and most valuable application in the encryption field and blockchain, is evolving rapidly at a speed visible to the naked eye.

Thank you very much for your continued attention and support to the DeFi project. We cherish these friends who are concerned about the development of DeFi and share common values, working side by side and committed to the development of the blockchain industry! The global recruitment plan for DOUBLE…

What is a stable currency?

A stablecoin is a cryptocurrency designed to provide more stability to its owners. In other words, they are an alternative to traditional cryptocurrencies (such as Bitcoin) that provide limited price fluctuations.
Similarly, stablecoins are linked to fiat currencies such as the U.S. dollar or gold (there is another stable currency called decentralized, which is linked to other cryptocurrencies).
The main stablecoins available on the market are DAI, USDT, GUSD, USDC and PAX.
When displayed graphically, the difference between traditional cryptocurrencies (such as BTC and stablecoins) becomes obvious:

Double Eagle will create a diversified and viable financial system, make capital and data flow more equitably, and transfer control from institutions to individuals. Double Eagle’s value proposition is to provide users with the best practices in the traditional financial field, so as to adapt to the new reality of blockchain technology and decentralized finance.

Following Double Eagle’s smart contract and calculating customers’ interest in real time make these currencies a particularly profitable investment strategy, and Double Eagle provides customers with one of many ways to diversify their investment and utilize their portfolio. …

There are more and more voices discussing blockchain in the world, and everyone is talking about blockchain, but blockchain is still largely mysterious and seems to be designed for experts and geeks. In fact, like any new thing, it has been subdivided into various branches, and they are all different. Sometimes they only provide variants, including specific strategies and business models, and new ecosystems are being born and growing. Blockchain can reshape human transactions by attracting collective wisdom, co-creation, and the necessary trust between people. Therefore, the blockchain also has a significant social and civic impact. …

Hello everyone, this is a great week. Since the update, we have made great progress in all aspects and are ready for the project to go online in the second half of the year. Today we will talk about the latest situation on the official website. If you need to know more about the project, please continue to pay attention to us.
Double Eagle is a borderless, decentralized blockchain market that eliminates interest rate differences between countries by providing competition on a global scale. Double Eagle solved the key issues related to collateral control, diversified credit ratings, and controlled volatility risks…



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